Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mady Gula BLUE HEAVEN - 0 (Japanese girl group in space 1995)

This will be a quick one ‘cause I really don’t know anything about this band other than former Acid Mothers Temple synth player Cotton Casino is listed as a member. According to the label’s website this was their second release and the limited pressing of 1,000 is way sold out.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Kendra Smith - The Guild of Temporal Adventurers (US psych 1992)

Throughout the 1980’s Kendra Smith was involved with some of the best contemporary psychedelic music to emerge from the west coast. Following stints playing bass and occasionally singing on the best works by the Dream Syndicate and Rain Parade she formed Opal with guitarist Dave Roback. After the far-out Happy Nightmare Baby and the excellent Early Recordings collection she made her solo debut in 1992 with this Eastern influenced psych/folk EP. A full-length, Five Ways of Disappearing, came out in 1995 and was disappointing only in comparison to the tripped-out sounds presented here.

Guild of Temporal Adventurers