Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grown Up All Wrong - Volume 16

New York Dolls - Courageous Cat Theme
Lost Kids - Født Som Nul (Born To Lose)
Zhang Xiao Feng - I Should Have Known Better
Dennis Coffey - Get Back
Tiny Tim - Nowhere Man
The Kinks - She’ Got Everything
The Roughnecks - You're Drivin' Me Insane
Howlin’ Wolf - Smokestack Lightning
The Banana Splits - I'm Gonna Find a Cave
The Runaways - Is It Day or Night?
The Troggs - Our Love Will Still Be There
Caetano Veloso - Annunciaçao
Four Jacks and a Jill - Master Jack
Elvis Costello and Steve Nieve - Why Can't A Man Stand Alone?
Neil Diamond - Solitary Man
Michael Nesmith and the First National Band - Silver Moon
Serge Gainsbourg with Brigitte Bardot - Comic Strip
The Creation - Biff! Bang! Pow!
The Delmonas - Hello, I Love You
Bob Lenarde with Willie Joe and his Unitar - Cherokee Dance
Terry Manning - Trashy Dog
Swamp Dogg - Total Destruction Of Your Mind
Stalk-Forrest Group - Arthur Comics
The Archies - Inside Out, Upside Down
The Yardbirds - Over Under Sideways Down
The Chicago Loop - This Must Be The Place
George Harrison - Dehra Dun
The Dirtbombs - No Expectations

This very special episode is dedicated to Eric Schmuckler

Monday, October 10, 2011

Grown Up All Wrong - Volume 15

Wipers – Youth Of America
Black Flag – Rise Above
Mission Of Burma – That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
Bad Brains – Big Takeover
Flipper – Get Away
Sonic Youth – World Looks Red
Butthole Surfers – Cowboy Bob
Half Japanese – Firecracker Firecracker
Meat Puppets – Split Myself In Two
Big Boys – Baby Let’s Play God
Naked Raygun – I Don’t Know
The Replacements – Color Me Impressed
Killdozer – King of Sex
Minutemen – Toadies
Camper Van Beethoven – Sometimes
Beat Happening – Foggy Eyes
Scratch Acid – Greatest Gift
Big Black – Big Money
Hüsker Dü – The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
Dinosaur jr. – In A Jar
Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick
Pussy Galore – Sweet Little Hi-Fi
The Flaming Lips – Drug Machine
Fugazi – Song #1
Nirvana – Sliver
Sebadoh – Gimme Indie Rock

Twenty years of punk? There must've been ten years when there wasn't anything going on, right? There were a few years at the start, and now. What happened in between?

Mick Jones of the Clash in Musician, 1995

Grown Up All Wrong - Volume 14

Sex Pistols – Satellite (Suburban Kid)
Undertones – True Confessions
The Nips – King Of The Bop
Blondie – X Offender
Television Personalities – Part Time Punks
Sham 69 – (There’s Gonna Be A ) Borstal Breakout
The Damned – Stretcher Case Baby
Richard Hell & The Voidoids – (I Belong To The) Blank Generation
Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Watching the Detectives
The Stranglers – Choosey Suzy
The Dictators – Master Race Rock
X-Ray Spex – I Am A Poseur
Buzzcocks – Boredom
Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer
The Saints – (I’m) Stranded
Ramones – Rockaway Beach
Generation X – Wild Youth
The Clash – 1977
Johnny Moped – Incendiary Device
The Slits – Typical Girls
Alternative TV – Love Lies Limp
Swell Maps – Read About Seymour
Heartbreakers – Born To Lose
The Jam – In The City
The Fall – Bingo Masters Breakout
Subway Sect – Ambition
Wire – Dot Dash
The Adverts – One Chord Wonders

Why would anyone want to listen to music that makes you hate when you can listen to music that makes you love? - Dr. R. Quincey, ME

Grown Up All Wrong - Volume 13

The Jaguars - Dancing Lonely Night
The Spiders - Upside Down
The Cupids - Heaven
The Terrys - Stop Dance
The Beavers - Why Baby Why
Reiko Mari - Kiss K-I-Double-S
The Carnabeats - Chu! Chu! Chu!
The Golden Cups - Hiwa Mata-Noboru
Runa Tamaki - Down Ginza
The Playboy - Shevidevi De Yuko
The Blue Comets - Psychedelic Man
The J Girls - The World Of Yellow
The Youngers - Hanashitakunai
The Out Cast - Everything’s Alright
Katsuko Kanai - Summer Love
The D'Swooners - Please Please Trina
The Bunnys - Taiyo No Hana
Mieko Hirota - Koi No Angel Baby
The Savage - Space Express
Kaoru Hibiki - The Star It Is Distant Month
The Swing West - Kokoro No Tokimeki (Ajoen Ajoen)
The Tempters - Himitsu No Aikotoba
Ayumi Ishida - The Sun Cries
The Mops - Haiku
The Blue Jeans - One More Please

Groovy Group Sounds