Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jandek For Dummies

Jandek is the kinda artist that's more heard about than actually heard from. I won’t waste your time going into his already well known tale, though like other obscuro acts like Joe Meeks or The Shaggs I gotta admit that his music sure ain’t as interesting without first knowing the back story on it. This here is a fan compiled (I think?) greatest hits collection that’s a great introduction to Jandek and might even be all you’ll ever need from him.

Jandek For Dummies


pf said...

my better half's got a cousin who played (guitar) as part of jandek's backing band when he came through toronto last year! we were both amazed to find that out.

sport said...

...saw Jandek this last summer at the Empty Bottle. He got out of a cab, noticed that people were looking at him so he turned to walk the other way. After a few steps he turned around, (sort of) smiled and headed into the bar to play.

Nakiel said...

Found this info on a Jandek mailinglist:

Chris Nelson
Wed Oct 6 05:18:45 PDT 2004

I made a mix like this for a friend a while back. It's called 'Jandek for

To get it down to a CDr-able 80 minutes, I had to edit some of the silence
out from the beginnings and ends of tracks. And even though the friend it
was for ended up not liking Janky very much, it's nice to have for my own
listening purposes.

-- Chris

dave said...

The only Jandek cd I have is the live one from The Sage in Gateshead: I've listened to it a couple of times but I still don't get it. Maybe I'm one of the dummies this is designed for... Thanks !

Krapula Productions said...


Try this site:

Guide to Jandek