Monday, August 27, 2007

Plush - Fed (US lost ork-pop masterpiece 2004)

Chicagoan Liam Hayes has been performing as Plush since the early 90’s, beginning in 1994 with the near-perfect single ‘Three-Quarters Blind Eyes” b/w “Found a Little Baby”. Four years later a full-length consisting mostly of piano ballads, More You Becomes You, was released. For the follow-up, Fed, Liam went over the top, running up a huge studio bill with massive arrangements and LA session players. Unfortunately, this pushed the cost for the release rights far too high for any US independent label to pick up making it one of the great lost albums of our time. Fed was eventually released only in Japan on the After Hours label and may currently be out of print. Hayes still hopes to see Fed released in the US one day. Meanwhile, Drag City released the cassette demos in 2004 as Underfed, an interesting contrast to the original album that stands up pretty well on it’s own in some spots.

Fans of Burt Bacharach or Jimmy Webb should not pass this one up.

Plush - Fed


Rocco said...

This is a true lost masterpiece. I have loved this for years and am glad to see it here. I have an acoustic version called Underfed if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

A little too "adult contemporary" for me, but I like "Greyhound Bus Station."

Tel-X said...

Please, can you post Underfed.... my wife thought it was a homemade cd and threw mine in the trash! Gutted!