Monday, October 10, 2011

Grown Up All Wrong - Volume 13

The Jaguars - Dancing Lonely Night
The Spiders - Upside Down
The Cupids - Heaven
The Terrys - Stop Dance
The Beavers - Why Baby Why
Reiko Mari - Kiss K-I-Double-S
The Carnabeats - Chu! Chu! Chu!
The Golden Cups - Hiwa Mata-Noboru
Runa Tamaki - Down Ginza
The Playboy - Shevidevi De Yuko
The Blue Comets - Psychedelic Man
The J Girls - The World Of Yellow
The Youngers - Hanashitakunai
The Out Cast - Everything’s Alright
Katsuko Kanai - Summer Love
The D'Swooners - Please Please Trina
The Bunnys - Taiyo No Hana
Mieko Hirota - Koi No Angel Baby
The Savage - Space Express
Kaoru Hibiki - The Star It Is Distant Month
The Swing West - Kokoro No Tokimeki (Ajoen Ajoen)
The Tempters - Himitsu No Aikotoba
Ayumi Ishida - The Sun Cries
The Mops - Haiku
The Blue Jeans - One More Please

Groovy Group Sounds


astralweeks said...

Hello Lo-fi.
Where are the "old" GUAW compilations? It's possible to download them?
Thank you for your great work.

lo-fi jr. said...


I'm up to about volume 21 in my remastering project. The mixes that didn't make the cut have been disposed of, unfortunately. I still have another 20 or so to go through. Was there a particular one that you're looking for?

Adrian said...

omg, couldnt look forward to the re-mastered mixes more. sounds amazing.

astralweeks said...

I discovered your blog too late :-(
I downloaded only one old mix.
If you can, I'd like to download the Zapped 1 mix.
If isn't possible, no problem.
Thanks again.

P.S. I like very much your artworks