Thursday, April 05, 2012

Grown Up All Wrong - Volume 24

Magic Trick - Daylight Moon (The Glad Birth Of Love, 2011)
The Fall - Bug Day (The Wonderful And Frightening World of The Fall, 1984)
Tuxedomoon - (Special Treatment For The) Family Man (Scream With A View EP, 1979)
Ruth White - The Clock (Flowers Of Evil, 1969)
Noise - Schaf (Tenno, 1980)
Kevin Coyne - Rivers of Blood (Peel Session, 1978)
Sun City Girls - Borungku Si Derita (Majora Records 7", 1993)
Father Murphy - Butterflies and Bats (Six Musicians Getting Unknown, 2005)
Discolor - Meret O'Clock (Discolor, 1997)
Moebius and Plank - Feedback 66 (Rastakraut Pasta, 1980)
Velvet Davenport - Outside Man (Happy Ending, 2009)
Michael Yonkers Band - The Thunder Speaks (Microminiature Love, 1968)

Pissing in A Child's Garden of Verse


Adrian said...

100% amazing

maddie0147 said...

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