Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kim Salmon & The Surrealists - Non-Stop Action Groove Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - Quarrel With The World Half Japanese - Dumb Animals The Hospitals - You Get On My Nerves Sonic Youth - I Am Right Jimi Lalumia & The Psychotic Frogs - Mangle Me Pussy Galore - Damaged II The Frumpies - Safety First GoGoGo Airheart - Taxi Up 012 - Fish From Tahiti Nirvana - Lake Of Fire Kilslug - Warlocks, Witches & Demons Melvins - Anal Satan Quintron - White Devil Therapy? – Diane Indian Jewelry – Emptyhanded Fems - Go To A Party Dead Kennedys - Stealing Peoples Mail Sebadoh - Sickles And Hammers The Embarrassment - Two-Week Vacation Maureen "Moe" Tucker - Spam Again Bobby Conn - Never Get Ahead Neil Hamburger – Freebasing The Meatmen - I Want Drugs The Moldy Peaches - Who's Got the Crack Black Randy & The Metrosquad - I Wanna Be A Nark Melting Hopefuls - I'm Not A Punk The Wax Museums - Stop... Don't Stop

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