Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grown Up All Wrong - Volume 12

The Flying Luttenbachers - The Fishook And The Eyeball (Retrospektiw IV, 2002)
Black Swan Network - The Late Music II (Serotonin Ronin, 1998)
The Incredible String Band - Born in your Town (The Chelsea Sessions 1967, 1997)
Yuzo Iwata - [untitled (side A track 6)] (Drowning In The Sky, 1999)
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - The City (Strangelands, 1969)
F/i - Zombie Theme 2 (Why Not Now?... Alan!, 1987)
Monoshock - Astral Plane (Take Me Away) (Walk To The Fire, 1996)
Daisuck & Prostitute - Storm in a Test Tube (Dance to Death, 1981)
Furze - A Life About My Sabbath (UTD, 2007)
Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson - Soul and Universe (Daily Dance, 1972)
Goblin - Sighs (Suspiria OST, 1972)
Bruce Loose - Waking to Sleep ('What's Your Name' 7", 1983)
Ignatz - The Radiant Sheen (Ignatz, 2006)
The Door & The Window - Red Sash (Dr. Egg: Live Recordings 1983-1987, 2003)
Loosers - Daeh Sti No Cigol ('Logic In Your Head' 10", 2007)

End of times are here


Holly said...

Have you noticed how it's REALLY hard to illegally download F/i ?


Thanks for another great mix!

Anonymous said...

Great set! Just fyi, Monoshock's "Walk to the Fire" album was released in 1996.


lo-fi jr. said...

Holly - Almost as tough to find a download as The The or New Lou Reeds.

Anonymous - Thanks for the info!